Modular Pressure Relief Valve

NG6 / Cetop-3 / D03 Modular Stack Pressure Relief Valve. / Our engineering expertise ensures we always seek new ways to innovate and create growth potential for Seven Ocean and our customers.

Modular Pressure Relief Valve

MRV-02, MRV-03, MRV-04

NG6 / Cetop-3 / D03 Modular Stack Pressure Relief Valve.
NG6 / Cetop-3 / D03 Modular Stack Pressure Relief Valve.
Graphic Symbol - MRV-02 - Pressure Relief Valve
Graphic Symbol - MRV-02 - Pressure Relief Valve

Seven Ocean Hydraulics MRV Series pressure relief valve functions by relieving system pressure from the A, B, or P line to the T line, hence providing safety to the system. The pressure can be adjusted on the valve by the use of hand knob.

Series MRV-02 relief valves are sized in D03, NG6, Cetop-3; MRV-03 valves conform to D05, NG10, Cetop-5 mounting pattern while MRV-04 series valves conform to D07, NG16, Cetop-7 standards. They limit system pressure by opening to tank when system pressure reaches the valve setting. They can be configured to limit the A or B work port pressures independently as a single acting valve or both A and B ports as a double acting valve.

Product Features

● Available in 3 Mounting Patterns
MRV-02: NG6 / Cetop-3 / NFPA-D03
MRV-03: NG10 / Cetop-5 / NFPA-D05
MRV-04: NG16 / Cetop-7 / NFPA-D07
● Sandwich plate stacking design.
● 5 Pressure Adjusting Ranges are available.
● Pressure Adjusting Options are available with handle knob or slotted screw.
● P max Working Pressure: 320 Bar / 4570 PSI
● Q max Flow Rate: MRV-02: 50 lpm / 13.2 gpm; MRV-03: 80 lpm / 21.2 gpm; MRV-04: 300 lpm / 79.3 gpm
● Refer to catalogs for more details.

Product Specification
Maximum Flow Rate50 lpm / 13.2 gpm80 lpm / 21.2 gpm300 lpm / 79.3 gpm
Maximum Operating Pressure320 Bar / 4570 PSI
Pressure Adjusting Range (Bar)0: 7-35-
1: 7-70
2: 7-140
3: 7-210
4: 7-320-
Ambient Temperature Range-20°C ~ 50°C
Hydraulic Fluid Temperature Range-20°C ~ 70°C
Mounting PatternISO 4401-AB-03-4-AISO 4401-AC-05-4-AISO 4401-AD-07-4-A
Weight (kg)P Type1.53.17.4
W Type2.33.9-
A Type1.63.1-
B Type1.63.1-

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31 Years CE/TÜV Certified Modular Pressure Relief Valve Manufacturer | SEVEN OCEAN HYDRAULICS

Based in Taiwan, SEVEN OCEAN HYDRAULIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., since 1989, is a Modular Pressure Relief Valve manufacturer in electrical machinery industries, including forklift, machine tool, plastic injection and recycling.

SEVEN OCEAN HYDRAULICS's Modular Pressure Relief Valve is reliable, sustainable, and cost effective, bringing you long-term value at an affordable price-point. With over 31 years of experience in manufacturing hydraulic systems, valves and components, Seven Ocean Hydraulics is able to streamline production time and has a greater control over product quality with in-house manufacturing of core components. We have gained trust from world- renowned brands for OEM projects, providing essential components for hydraulic products that are seen and used all over the world.

SEVEN OCEAN HYDRAULICS has been offering customers high-quality hydraulic valves, both with advanced technology and 31 years of experience, SEVEN OCEAN HYDRAULICS ensures each customer's demands are met.

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